thank you


To say „Thank you“ has never hurt anyone!
On the contrary, it speaks appreciation for something GOOD, what’s happen to you.
Do not spare this word, because it does not only give others a positive feeling, but you too.
You are respected and that is not self-evident.


Let others know about your thoughts, feelings and actions. But always pay attention to your words. Because wrong words or misunderstood phrases can hurt more than any punch. Injuring anyone, whether physical or mental, is neither acceptable nor is it evidence of social competence.
Social intelligence quotient not mentioning.
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I treat other people always as I wish to be treated.
And if someone does not behave decently towards me, i show him his place. A clear statement ensures limits!


You do not have to tolerate everything. You do not have to please everyone. And most important, you do not have to do a favor to all people. You are also obliged to yourself! So do yourself good and enjoy it! Helping others is a joy, when it comes from your heart. But if one is forced. You can not use it. Neither the one who receives, nor the one who is forced to give help. Useless like a goiter!

thank you danke colour

For all GOOD that is done to me I am grateful. For everything BAD that is being done to me I am also grateful. Because I could learn from this. My character was solidified. I was more careful in dealing with people, but at the same time i opened my mind. For what have I to lose? Nothing, except myself. And I can only lose myself, when I do not accept myself.
My view is mine not yours and it does not have too. For I am I and YOU are YOU.

I am grateful for your attention and that you accompany my way. May Your way bring you where you belong to!

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