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Laughing makes happy and strong

Everyone has already experienced the situation where you just can not laugh. Because everything seems so dull and pointless or it’s your own personal situation. A big or small problem, world peace, terrible news or the environment and pessimistic people who comprise and their charisma penetrates you and captures you physically.
Such moments could stay away for everybody. Unfortunately, I can not always escape. So I’m always in danger to locate other negative vibrations than my own feeling. But wait ! Since I’m so very sensitive, otherwise I would not even write about it 😉 , I’m doing some simple tricks to get some good mood and I think that this can also help you. They doesn´t cost anything and you will just feel yourself better.

1. Step  = I think of a song that I like.
This track I look at youtube and listen to. If you do not know the title , then write some of the text in the search line on Youtube or Google.

2. Step = I have posted on the desktop My FAVORITE PICTURE. I look at and it works.

3. Step  = I listen to myself and wonder what color I like today. My favorite colors are : green, turquoise, orange, yellow and brown. Then I go to the wardrobe and look for clothes in my favorite DAY COLOR and so I dress myself up in this color.

4. Step  = I close my eyes and see myself dancing to the place which I like the most.
I like, for example, a beach in Crete and my home. You think of your favorite place where you like to make your own sports maybe to run in the forest or diving at the Great Barrier Reef ….

5. Step = I breathe deeply and consciously. Feel the breath in my lungs go down and slowly breathe out again. That reassures me.

6. Step = I have posted on the desktop my favorite anecdote. I take a look at this. It could also be your favorite joke or so. Main thing is that it makes YOU happy!

Check the most suitable step or steps for yourself and you ‚ll see : You feel BETTER !
You feel good and you are happy, looking forward to go into a new day!
I think you can LAUGH again 🙂




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thank you

thank you


To say „Thank you“ has never hurt anyone!
On the contrary, it speaks appreciation for something GOOD, what’s happen to you.
Do not spare this word, because it does not only give others a positive feeling, but you too.
You are respected and that is not self-evident.


Let others know about your thoughts, feelings and actions. But always pay attention to your words. Because wrong words or misunderstood phrases can hurt more than any punch. Injuring anyone, whether physical or mental, is neither acceptable nor is it evidence of social competence.
Social intelligence quotient not mentioning.
share happiness

I treat other people always as I wish to be treated.
And if someone does not behave decently towards me, i show him his place. A clear statement ensures limits!


You do not have to tolerate everything. You do not have to please everyone. And most important, you do not have to do a favor to all people. You are also obliged to yourself! So do yourself good and enjoy it! Helping others is a joy, when it comes from your heart. But if one is forced. You can not use it. Neither the one who receives, nor the one who is forced to give help. Useless like a goiter!


For all GOOD that is done to me I am grateful. For everything BAD that is being done to me I am also grateful. Because I could learn from this. My character was solidified. I was more careful in dealing with people, but at the same time i opened my mind. For what have I to lose? Nothing, except myself. And I can only lose myself, when I do not accept myself.
My view is mine not yours and it does not have too. For I am I and YOU are YOU.

I am grateful for your attention and that you accompany my way. May Your way bring you where you belong to!

BUSHWICK inspiring to ART & MUSIC

BUSHWICK the other side of NEW YORK


Bushwick is a part of New York borough Brooklyn and in between the last 30 years Bushwick turned from hell to heaven. Times ago the city was unattractive, slummy and the buildings were dilapidated. The industry was down and the citizens got more and more distructive. No one wanted to live in Bushwick.

But then some real creative people from outside came to this small town.
They painted the walls, repaired & cleaned up the houses, gave hope to the citizens.
This was the time something incredibly happened to Bushwick.
Artists of all kind made Bushwick turn into an attractive city where all kinds of people come together and
share good inspirations & moods. Some people have renatured fallow land by planting vegetables and keeping
chickens. And for goodwill they share the eggs of the chickens always at the weekends as a give-away to poor people in Bushwick. What an amazing City!

I saw an report about Bushwick in german tv and was fascinated.
What a town & how insteresting people – WOW!

The report showed much about the city and the history, but specially a quick view over the artists & musicans made me smile. What a great positive potential..amazing!
I heared about Rafael Fuchs the art photograph [] and was impressed. A very interesting artist! Full of phantasy and innovative ideas.

Do you live in NY and did you hear about the fantastic Roberta´s? [ ]
No?…poor… because if i would live there..i would eat so much of these Pizza ..i know my weight would explode..hehe. No seriously the pizza looked that good i tried not to blather.
Go there and try the pizza & the other delicious offers …you won´t be dissapointed!

Do you like new music, cold drinks & pleasant conversations?
Meet nice people at the „Bushwick Open Studios“!
There a more then 500 artists who open their lofts and studios for a great join in.

Some of the citizens are afraid that the rents will go up when the first gallery owners are moving in.
And the investors will turn the warehouses into expensive loft apartments.

It won´t take much time…

Here some more links to very interesting websites of Bushwick:

Experimental dance: []
Food: Welcome to heaven ! []
Music: Twitter [@bushwickmusic]

Hope you enjoy this report and i would appreciate a recommendation – THANKS!